Event-based with Java's class SAXParser

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What is a SAXParser?

The name SAX is short for "Simple API for XML".

SAX is a serial access parser API for XML used by java programmers to provide a mechanism for accessing data from an XML document.

A parser which implements a SAX Parser handles XML information as a unidirectional stream of data. That is, previously accessed data cannot be re-read without reparsing the document.

The SAX parser is implemented as an event-driven model in which the programmer provides callback methods which are invoked by the parser as part of it's traversal of the XML document.

Strengths and weaknesses of SAX


The strength of implementing a parser with SAX is that it can parse gigabytes worth of XML documents without hitting resource limits. This because it does not try to create a representation of entire XML documents in memory; as for example a DOM representation does.

If, for example, one need to grab text of a few elements from a document, or if one need to extract elements from a large stream of XML, this can be done efficiently with SAX.

Because of this design, the SAX implementation is generally considered faster and less resource heavy.
In short: SAX is lightweight and event-driven.


The main weakness of SAX is that it's operating on a tag level without any help from the parser to maintain the context.

Also, SAX is considered kind of complex since the lack of a document representation leaves a programmer with the challenge of serializing and manipulating XML documents at a low level.

Assignment Description

Create a java application that implements a XML Parser using SAX. The application should be able to be executed from the command prompt like this:

java SAXChecker <xml-document> <validate>

If validate is set to true the application should try and validate the document(against a DTD or XML Schema), otherwise - if set to false - it should check if the document is well-formed(has correct XML syntax).

for example:

(validation is on)

java SAXChecker myxmldoc.xml true


(validation is off)

java SAXParser myxmldoc.xml false

Try SAXParser application on the cv-template.xml from the DTD and XML, Part 1-2 -assignment to check it for well-formedness and validness.

My solution, Assignment Files

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