XHTML Basic - Supports Mobile Devices

The purpose of this assignment of the Internet programming 3 - course was to give an understanding of what XHTML Basic is and why it sometimes is a better choise than standard XHTML.

The description and my solution of the XHTML Basic -assignment can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

What is XHTML Basic - W3C Quote?

" The XHTML Basic document type includes the minimal set of modules required to be an XHTML host language document type, and in addition it includes images, forms, basic tables, and object support. It is designed for Web clients that do not support the full set of XHTML features; for example, Web clients such as mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, and settop boxes. The document type is rich enough for content authoring. "

In short XHTML Basic is for devices that doesn't have the resources nor the power to parse a standard XHTML document.

Assignment Description

Create a xhtml Basic 1.0 - tutorial.

This document in itself is the first part of my solution for this assignment. It's pupose was to give a short description of XHTML Basic and why you in some cases should use it.

The second part - a reference for XHTML Basic 1.0 tags and their attributes - can be found here: XHTML Basic 1.0 -Tutorial

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