Dynamic Content with JavaScript

The purpose of this assignment was to learn about dynamic content by using JavaScript.

The description and my solution of the Dynamic Content -assignment can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

What is the Content of a Document?

The content of a document refers to what it says to the user through text, images, videos, sounds, etc.

What is Dynamic Content?

In the early days of the Web, once a Web page was loaded into a client's browser, changing the information displayed on the page required another call to the Web server. The user interacted with the Web page by submitting forms or clicking on links to other Web pages, and the Web server delivered a new page to the client.

Any customization of information - such as building a Web page on the fly from a template - required that the Web server spent additional time processing the page request.

In short dynamic content is about changing the content of a Web page by inserting and deleting elements or the content inside elements before, or after, a Web page has been loaded into a client's browser.

Assignment Description

Create a page demostrating how to change the content of a document dynamically. Use JavaScript.

My solution, Assignment Files

Try the Dynamic Content Example

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