CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 - for mobile devices; cell phones, PDAs etc

The purpose of this assignment was to understand what CSS Mobile Profile is and why it sometimes would be the best choice for designing Web pages.

The description and my solution of the CSS Mobile Profile -assignment can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

What is CSS Mobile Profile?

CSS Mobile Profile is a subset of CSS2 identifying a minimum set of properties, selectors, values and rules for cascading to support the creation of HTML documents for low-powered mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

Style sheets for specific media are supported in order to make it possible to have presentation customized for aural devices, braille devices, handheld devices, printers, visual browsers...etc.

The Mobile Profile is very similar to CSS 1 - the first level of Cascading Style Sheets.

Assignment Description

Create a CSS Mobile Profile tutorial.

This page is in itself the first part of my solution for this assignment. It's pupose was to give a quick overview and understanding of the CSS Mobile Profile to know when it should be used for designing HTML documents.

The second part - a reference for the properties and values contained in the CSS Mobile Profile - can be found here: CSS Mobile Profile Tutorial

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