Magnificent Chat - Applet / Servlet Communication

This was my examination assignment of the Internet Programming 2 - course.

Magnificent Chat v1.0 is a Web application that uses the HTTP protocol to send and receive messages. The main advantage of using a HTTP high-level connection compared to low-level socket connections, is the availability behind firewalls.

Four Types of Messages

There are four kinds of messages a client(i.e. Web browser running the applet) can send to the servlet. These are:

At a login message a session and an inbox object are created. The inbox is then put in(bound to) the session, and the user together with his session object is put in a collection class.

At a ordinary message the message is put in other online clients inboxes, i.e. broadcast is simulated.

At a private message the message is put in the recipient's inbox, i.e. unicast is simulated.

At a logout message the client's session and his inbox is invalidated and he is removed from the collection class.

Assignment Description

This examination assignment didn't have any restriction except one: It had to make use the techniques used throughout this course.

Apart from that one was free to create any kind of application.

My goel with this assignment was to implement an applet communicating with a servlet without forcing users to open any ports in their local firewalls.

I achived this by using HTTP and simulate a bidirectional connection.

Chat Files and Screenshoots

Here are some screenshots of the chat.

Try the Magnificent Chat Applet

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