HTML Form using the POST method for sending data to a Servlet

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What is the POST Method and how does it work?

When a browser (client) connect to a HTTP Web server and makes a HTTP request, the request can be of serveral different types. These types are usually referred to as methods.
The two most frequently used methods are POST and GET.

Simply put the GET-method is designed for getting information from the Web server to the browser, while the POST-method is for posting information from the Web browser to the Web server.

Information sent from a browser(or any application understanding the HTTP) using the POST method is sent in the HTTP Request message body and can be of an unlimited size.

You can read more about the GET-method in this section of the Links, GET-method Servlet -assignment: What is the GET-method and when is it used?

What does Client-Server, Client-side and Server-side mean?

Client-Server is a paradigm used in computing architecture, based on the idea that a client(on WWW usually a Web browser) is used for accessing information stored on a server(on WWW usually a HTTP Web Server).

The World Wide Web is based on this type of client-server architecture. The opposite to client-server is peer-to-peer(p2p) networking which is based on the idea that any side in a communication can act as both client and server.

The term client-side refers to operations that are performed by clients in a client-server relationship, while the term server-side refers to operations that are performed by servers in a client-server relationship.

A Servlet is an example of a server-side application. Operations performed by the servlet are executed on the server-side, that is within the Web server.

In short: On the client-side, clients such as Web browsers make requests. On the server-side, servers such as Web servers respond to requests.

Assignment Description

Create a HTML document with a form. The form should have different components with name parameters and a values for these parameters.

The parameters should be sent to the server-side application (a servlet) with the POST method when the form is submitted.

Create the servlet that retrieves the information and sends it back to the client.

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