Environment Variables Servlet - Text output

The purpose of this assignment was to:

Environment Varibles - Server-side and Client-side Variables

In the client-server paradigm, environment variables refers to name/value strings that contain information about the server application environment(usually the environment of a Web server) and the client application environment(usually the environment of a Web browser).

What does "generate a variable amouont of dynamic text" mean?

It means that the amount of text could vary - and probably won't be the same - for different requests. In this case the browser's environment will probably be different for each user. In other words, the content will be dynamic.

Assignment Description

Create a servlet that prints environment variables for its own environment and for the environments of clients making requests.

The servlet response should be in plain text, i.e. have the content type "text/plain".

My Solution, Assignment Files

Try the Environment Variables Servlet

Note: For safety reasons this servlet doesn't print the server-side environment variables.

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