Environment Variables Servlet - Logic and Presentation

The purpose of this assignment was to:

Separation of logic and presentation - Code Separation

To separate the logic from the presentation should be a common practice to avoid conflicts in projects and to avoid redesign difficulties. This separation is usually referred to as "Code Separation".

You can read more about code separation in the Hit Counter - HTML output assignment.

What does "Generate a Varible amount of Dynamic HTML" mean?

It means that the content and the amount of content could be different for the different user/browser requests, and that the content is marked up with HTML.

Assignment Description

Remake the Environment Variables Servlet - Text Output assignment to send back requested content marked up with HTML.

Use code separtion, i.e. don't mix the HTML markup and server-side/Servlet code.

My Solution, Assignment Files

For safety reasons I do not host this servlet. The code is still availible though:

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