Email Servlet - HTML Form

The purpose of this assignment was to:

The description and my solution of the Email Servlet -assignment can be viewed and/or downloaded at the bottom of this page.

MailMessage Class

I've used com.oreilly.servlet.MailMessage class for this servlet.

The MailMessage class is for sending SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) emails. It can be used for any Java applications, not just servlets.

SMTP can only transmit pure text. It can't transmit binary data like pictures, sounds or movies. Hence, attachments is out of the question.

Assignment Description

Create a HTML document with an email form with which users should be able to write:

...create a servlet that will send email messages sent from this email form.

A copy of what was sent should be sent back to the user. If the password is incorrect no email should be sent and the user notified about this.

At the end of every email message it should say something about the sender possibly being invalid.

My Solution, Assignment Files

To try the Email Servlet you need a password. This is because it easily could be misused for spamming. However, the code is still free to download.

Try the Email Form Servlet

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