Java Browser Applet - Class JEditorPane, High-level

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What is Java's class JEditorPane?

Class JEditorPane is a subclass to JTextComponent capable of displaying many content types, such as HTML/XHTML and RTF.

It's not a class ment to be used for creating advanced Web browsers. It can, however, be useful for viewing simple HTML documents such as online and/or application help pages.

The JEditorPane class uses implementations of the EditorKit to accomplish its behavior. It effectively changes into the proper kind of text editor for the content type it's given. What type of content the editor is bound to at any given time is determined by the EditorKit currently installed. If the content is set to a new URL, its type is used to determine the EditorKit that should be used for loading the content.

What is a High-Level Connection?

See the this section in the previous assignment: What is a High-level connection?

What is an Applet?

See this section in the Java Applets and Threads assignment: What is an Applet?

Assignment Description

Create a Java Applet that implements an interpreting browser with a GUI that has an address input area and a text area.

The information retrieved should be interpreted and hyperlinks within the Applet's own domain should work.

My Solution, Assignment Files

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