Multifunction LED Flashlight

New AppGlobe Android App: Multifunction LED Flashlight.

In short: Its not just a LED flashlight. It has strobe light, compass, morse signaling (including of course SOS-signaling), screen light…well, read more att AppGlobe: A compass, strobe light, morse transmitter & LED Flashlight: Design decisions

…or install and try the free version from google play:

Get the free Multifunction LED Flashlight App with compass, SOS, & strobe light for Android on Google Play

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Prepare for a Responsive Web Design Layout

Here is an AppGlobe article on how to prepare for a responsive web design:
Responsive Web Design Basics

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AppGlobe is now open to public.

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Clean Web Design Example at

Interesting Web design at Johan RipÄs ( ). Very clean and modern style.

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AppFoyer Gadgets Directory

AppFoyer gadgets directory is now open for the public.

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